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Wix Website Features


I have heard since starting my web design business how people didn't realize all the features that they could have on their website, ALL IN ONE PLACE!

A computer mockup with Katie McGilvray's website displayed

So I am going to be highlighting some of the major features that Wix has to offer when it comes to organizing your website and having it less overwhelming for both you and your viewers.

Having a website that is easy to navigate is a MUST!

Some of the features that we will be diving deep into include:



•Events Calendar/Ticket Sales

•Podcast Player

•Subscriptions/Memberships/Pricing Plans

•Scheduler for your Calendar (similar to Calendly)

•Community group (similar to Facebook Groups)

•Real Estate Listings

•Business/Team Directory


•Live Webinars

Blog Posts will be submitted every other week starting August 29th, 2023!

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Talk soon,


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