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BONUS: Digital Business Card

Are you tired of carrying around physical business cards? I have a hack for you!

First, you will purchase a Popl products. You can shop the products using my link here and use code "MRSASHLEYNIELSEN" to receive 20% off all Popl Products

Second, you will purchase my Link in Bio Template to create your own custom link in bio with images, copy, links, and more. Easy to update right from your phone.

Third, you will download the Popl app on your mobile device. You will want to turn on Single Link Mode and enter the domain for your website that you created using the Link in Bio Template.

Finally, you will be able to start sharing with others using your Popl product.

Features that I love when using my Digital Business Card -

  • I do not have to carry around physical business cards because I seem to always forget them or can't find them.

  • It is a one time investment on business cards instead of having to constantly reorder because I ran out or my information is outdated.

  • I am able to get more traffic to my website which helps with my return on Investment for my website.

  • The people I connect with are able to save my information to their contacts (Yes, you read that right! They click a link and save all my information to their contacts right on their phone! When purchasing my Link in Bio Template, you will receive a video tutorial on how to do this!)

  • With the option to save my information to their contacts, this also means that they won't lose my information. If they are anything like me, I seem to always lose the paper business cards in my purse or in my car somewhere.

  • With the Popl app, you are also able to scan paper business cards into the app so that if people do hand you a paper business card, you don't have to worry about losing their information. (But don't forget to tell them about this hack you found. Friends don't let friends use paper business cards! 😂)

If you found this hack helpful, don't forget to share it with all of your friends.

Talk soon,


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