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Welcome to
Our Story

I have felt it on my heart to share our impactful story and how God has worked in our marriage.

Thank you for reading our story! God Bless!

-Slayter && Ashley

The marriage of Slayter & Ashley

On September 29th, 2018 we said "I do!" while Ashley was 3 months pregnant with our son, Braxton. Braxton was born on March 4, 2019 and later we found out we were pregnant in June of 2020 with our daughter, Berkley. She was born on February 17th, 2021. 

In the fall of 2021, we decided to take a new step for our family and move to Belle Fourche, South Dakota. This is where the deepest part in our marriage started but also our best part of our life started. Let me explain! One week before we were to close on our house, I signed into my husband's email account (with his approval) to sign documents. I was at my parents' house when I was e-signing these documents and next thing I knew I was screaming "MOMMMMM!!!" I read the most devastating conversation EVER! In April of 2020, Slayter had a 6-day conversation with a "woman" on the internet. Inappropriate photos were shared from this female and words were exchanged that completely broke my heart. At this moment in time, we had been living in a camper while I was driving back and forth to my parents' house to work for the family business. I chose to stay at my parents' house longer because I could not stand to go back to the man that became a stranger to me. I was broken but God was telling me that this was just the start of repairing our marriage. Not only was this a new start by moving but also rebuilding our marriage. One of the first things we did was find a church that we felt so comfortable in so that we could rebuild this marriage that God had created. I was so uncomfortable in everyday life though - I promise it wasn't easy. I no longer felt comfortable breastfeeding in front of him. I slept in sweatpants and a shirt at night for weeks. I no longer changed in front of him. I felt my body was not good enough for him so he seeked elsewhere. 

In order to move forward in our marriage, we both had to be willing to seek help. We both chose to go to counseling individually and work on our personal issues. After a few months of attending, our marriage had grown so much. I had prayed so much to repair myself, my husband, and my family. We have the most open communication in our marriage. 

What I want you to get from this story is that when the devil works in someone's life and God is no longer the center of a marriage, it can quickly fall apart. But God has used this terrible situation to bring us closer together and develop a marriage that God is the center. 

I want our story to give you hope that there is forgiveness and redemption to make it work, with many deep honest conversations and hard work. 

We are here for any questions or encouragement.

-Slayter && Ashley

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