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My Mission

Our mission is to connect & collaborate with female service providers so that you can feel confident with where your brand is headed.

My Vision

I envision becoming the brand that female service providers trust and refer to people as they continue to grow.

My Values

Completion - We don't stop until you are happy & confident with your website.

Connection - I want to be able to connect & support you outside of your web design.

Compassion - I am compassionate and understanding that life happens.

Collaboration - Collaborating and putting ideas together builds a brand stronger.

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How my Journey Began

Photo of Ashley Nielsen's family including her dog sitting in a field with wild grass

Almost 5 Years ago, my mother had stated how much a custom website was going to cost her but as a small business owner, she couldn’t afford to invest in it at the time. With my love of helping others and understanding of technology, I told her I would figure out how to build her one myself.


Over the past 5 years, I have found my love for web design and helping other female entrepreneurs on their journey. God has taken me on some other journeys along the way but I have always come back to where my creativity can flow while helping other entrepreneurs express their values and passions.


But outside of web design and entrepreneurship, I am first and foremost a wife and mother of 2 (Braxton & Berkley). I am also a lover of riding my motorcycle and spending time helping on the family ranch in Montana.


I cannot wait to learn about your passions and how you are making a difference in the world around you.

Service Providers I Know & Trust

Katie McGilvray, Online Business Manager

Katie McGilvray

Online Business Manager & Business Strategy Coach

Connect with Katie

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